Find the Perfect Savings Account For You

Here at Merchants & Marine Bank, we know that each and every one of our customers is unique. That’s why we’ve crafted multiple savings account options to suit your individual needs and goals.

Legacy Savings

Our most popular option is our Legacy Savings account which features a minimum opening deposit of $100, daily compounded interest on any balance above $100, and 3 free withdrawals per month. You won’t be charged a monthly service fee unless your minimum daily balance falls below $100, so this gives you a great incentive to maintain your funds throughout the year. Just another reason to stick to your monthly budget! As with all of our banking services, a Legacy Savings account comes with our friendly, efficient customer support.

Scholar Savings

If you’re between the ages of 15 to 25 years old, our Scholar Savings account might be the perfect option for you. This student-friendly account requires an opening deposit of $100 and every dollar above this amount will earn interest. Interest is compounded every day and credited to your account once a quarter, so this will provide a nice boost to your funds a few times per year that’s perfect for purchasing school supplies! If you keep your balance at or above $100, you’ll never have to worry about paying a monthly service fee. For anyone who loves having access to their banking information at their fingertips, you’ll adore the free eStatements that break down your current balance, withdrawals, and deposits.

Kidz Club Savings

For anyone out there with children under the age of 14, it’s time to explore our Kidz Club Savings account. It’s a fantastic introduction to the world of banking that will help your children learn the importance of saving for their futures. Personal finance is best learned at a young age, so it’s never too early to start! This option requires a low opening deposit of $25 with each dollar above this amount earning interest. We offer a free withdrawal per quarter and additional withdrawals during the same quarter only cost $2. There’s no monthly service charge which means if your little one has a tough time keeping their balance up throughout the month, there’s no need to stress.

Christmas Club

Our Christmas Club account is the best way to build up your reserves for the holiday season. It provides a safe, secure place to store funds for purchasing your loved ones gifts during this magical time. With a small opening balance of $25, no monthly service fees, and interest earned on anything above $100, this account will help you multiply your savings so you can finally buy your family member that gift they’ve had on their wish list for years. Your account will mature in October of each year so that you can withdraw the funds just in time to start your Christmas shopping spree.

Money Market

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate flexibility in your savings account? Our Money Market account is the solution. The minimum opening deposit is $2,500 and as long as you maintain a balance at or above this amount, you’ll never have to worry about paying a monthly service charge. Even if you do happen to dip below this amount, the charge is only $10. To provide you with the access flexibility you crave, we offer six free withdrawals per month with each additional charge during the same month costing only $2. If you’re ready to enter the big leagues with your savings, this is the ideal account for you.

Learn More

To start saving today, contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to help you choose the right account for you. Each one offers incredible perks that we know you’ll love!