Merchants & Marine Bank Leadership
Leadership Board of Directors
Clayton Legear
President & Chief Executive Officer
Royce Cumbest
Executive Chairman
Jeff Trammell
Chief Risk Officer
Casey Hill
Chief Financial Officer
Kristi Maxwell
Chief Administrative Officer
Greg Hodges
Market President, Pine Belt
Jimmy Conyers
Market President, Alabama
Mack Rushing
Market President, Mississippi Gulf Coast
David Thomas
Director, Retail Banking
Sheryl Wolfe
Director, Human Resources
Tom Van Antwerp
Board Member, Lead Independent Director
Jerry St Pe`
Senior Advisory Director
Royce Cumbest
Chairman of the Board
Russell Buster
Board Member
Jeff Hammond
Board Member
Abe Harper
Board Member
ScottĀ Lemon
Board Member
Hal Moore
Board Member
Diann Payne
Board Member
Amy St Pe`
Board Member
Alan Sudduth
Board Member
Hank Torjusen
Board Member
Jay Willis
Board Member
Bragg Van Antwerp
Advisory Director