The Preferred Bank for Entrepreneurs: By Greg Hodges, Chief Banking Officer    

It’s one of the better-kept secrets that community banks are actually responsible for funding and supporting most startup businesses around the country. At Merchants & Marine Bank, we believe that our community-centered approach is especially geared towards helping entrepreneurs ramp up their businesses and reach their goals.  

The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs  

In just the past few years, we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of entrepreneurs in our local communities along the Gulf Coast. An example that’s especially close to home for me is my 17-year-old daughter, who just last year started her own online store to sell her artwork. As a member of Generation-Z, she’s grown up in a digital world surrounded by technology that’s shaped her world view immensely. Watching her, as well as young entrepreneurs like her, dive into the world of business inspires me to find new and better ways to serve this new generation of business leaders.   

It’s my opinion that entrepreneurs exemplify the American ideals of opportunity, liberty, and prosperity. I see this pursuit of happiness every single day when an ambitious, independent individual approaches my team about starting a new business.  

It’s an honor to be part of that process.  

We Know Our Customers  

Since our team is made up of members of your community, we can better understand your unique needs as a business owner. Every town is different, so if you’re starting a business in ​​Pascagoula, you may face different challenges and opportunities versus someone starting a business in Mobile.  

Across the areas we serve, we’ve gathered key insights into the ways that entrepreneurs are working these days, and we’ve found that many are operating largely online. The internet is what has enabled many businesses to start, grow, and achieve incredible success. To better serve people in this new digital age, we offer the online banking capabilities you need to run your business, such as easy wire transfers, advanced reporting, remote check deposit, and automatic bill payments. But here’s the difference: Unlike larger financial institutions, we never sacrifice our personal touch. 

Comprehensive Solutions  

Our team members are always here to assist you in accomplishing your goals. If you prefer to chat online, email back and forth, communicate via social media, or meet face-to-face, our bankers will be happy to accommodate. Our goal is to be where you require us to be as we provide the support you need to make important decisions with confidence.  

We will never abandon the in-person experience for those who prefer it. Whether you’d like to pop in for a quick chat and cup of coffee with your banker, or you’d like to join them for a round of golf to discuss your business goals, we’re here for you. The bottom line is we’re not just around during business hours: We’re around not just wherever, but whenever you need us.  

That’s what being a community bank is all about.  

Experience the Merchants & Marine Difference 

If you’re interested in learning more about why our bank is the preferred choice for entrepreneurs, please contact us. We have a long history of assisting ambitious entrepreneurs in building profitable businesses that better our communities.  

Written by: Greg Hodges, Chief Banking Officer