Why Should I Bank with a Community Bank?

Everyone can name one or two of the big-name banks, but the better bet for family or business banking needs could be the local bank just down the street.

In our country, we’re fortunate to have lots of options when it comes to our banking choices, from national and regional banks to more localized community banks and credit unions. While every type of institution has advantages and limitations depending on what you’re looking for in their capabilities, we think community banks offer the perfect mix of understanding their clients, offering competitive pricing, and basing everything they do on putting clients first.

Let’s take a look at a few great reasons to bank with a community bank.

Grow Your Community

One advantage of banking with a community bank is that your money stays local and supports your own community. Community banks lend money to local businesses, which can help those businesses grow and create more jobs in the area.

If you think about it, people who bank with community banks are providing some of the funding, through their deposit accounts, for loans that support small businesses and essentially boost the local economy.

Lower Rates and Fees

Lower borrowing rates and account fees comprise another great benefit of community banks. Generally, community banks offer fewer total fees compared to larger banks, saving clients lots of cash over time.

According to, “Among accounts charging a monthly fee, those fees are significantly lower at small banks. The average monthly maintenance fee on a small bank checking account is $10.95, compared to $16.35 at large banks.

Thus, community bank clients have greater spending and saving power in the long run.

Personal Service

Counting on personal service is a bedrock expectation when you bank with a community bank. Let’s face it, banking with the mega banks can be intimidating, and you can be left feeling more like a number or simply a sales prospect than a customer with your own unique needs.

Community banks offer quality customer service and build personal relationships with a long-term focus, with all of their clients. This fosters understanding in special circumstances, which makes it easier to get approved for personal and business loans. Again, our goal is to give clients the best rates and experience while improving the community as a whole.

Modern Conveniences

Most of us know that the big banks are known for technology and banking innovations. Yet, the secret’s getting out that many community banks like Merchants & Marine Bank are staying competitive on the technology front.

With innovations like mobile banking apps, contactless cards, and treasury services, community banks are holding their own through making major investments in these areas.

Giving Back

Community banks also give back by donating to charities and organizations. These include educational programs, non-profits, and more.

Your local bank teller could very likely be running concessions at a high school football game, or a banking executive serving on a nonprofit board of directors.

Since community bankers are your neighbors, you’ll see us everywhere you look!

Choose a Bank That Works for You

Overall, a community bank can offer a more personalized banking experience. We do our best to cater to your needs, whether you’re investing in a business, looking to buy a home, or simply opening a new account.

Having a bank work for you and your community is what makes all the difference.